The Benefits of Hospice Care

When the time has come that you have a limited life expectancy, hospice focuses on your comfort during those last days. Choosing hospice can be very beneficial to the patient and his/her family.

Among those benefits:

Living in your own home: The majority of patients continue to live in the comfort of their own home. That may be a single home, an assisted living apartment, a skilled nursing facility or in the home of a loved one. The hospice staff will come to you and respect the surroundings in which you live. If your condition warrants a stay at an inpatient facility, Allegiant Hospice contracts with local facilities to provide accommodations. The hospice staff will work diligently to return you to your home as soon as your condition stabilizes.

Surrounded by loved ones: Living in your own home means your loved ones have access to you based upon your desires. Unlike hospital visiting hours, your home is your own and you decide your own comfort level for visitors.

Less hospitalizations/Emergency Department (ED) visits: When you choose hospice services, the hospice staff will come to you, at any time of day/night, if you experience a situation that would have taken you to the ED. For example, if you develop shortness of breath requiring oxygen, a nurse will visit and perform an assessment, and will contact your doctor to order oxygen in your home. Hospice brings healthcare to you.

More cost effective care: By remaining at home and letting hospice serve you, no debts will be incurred regarding your care for your hospice diagnosis. Medications, Visits, and Supplies related to your hospice diagnosis will be paid for by the hospice directly. Medicare reimburses the hospice a set rate based on regional factors to cover related expenses.

In the event of death the hospice staff will be there to ensure your last wishes are known, to comfort your loved ones and work closely with the funeral home of your choice. The hospice will continue to offer support, counseling and bereavement assistance to any of your loved ones in the following year.

The patient controls the care: At all times while on hospice, the patient remains in control. The hospice staff will teach, guide, assist, counsel and make recommendations but the patient makes the final decisions on all care offered. In the event a patient is unable to speak for him/herself, the hospice will look to the loved ones or a designated representative who know the patient best.

Allegiant Hospice is a service agency, reimbursed by Medicare, ministering to those whose lives are coming to a close. The Medicare benefit provides services for a life expectancy of six months or less. This time frame enables the patient, loved ones and staff to establish a trusting relationship with each other, to be well aware of the patient’s last wishes and to be able to anticipate and prevent any uncomfortable symptoms. If you need end of life services, we recommend you start by talking with your doctor or contacting Allegiant Hospice so that you receive the maximum benefits of hospice.