Welcome to Allegiant Hospice

The legacy of Allegiant Hospice began with long-standing Hospice Nurse Lisa Hunt, RN. Her service & commitment to providing excellent care redefined hospice in Arizona. The idea started in a meeting at VFW Post #7401 where she and her fellow colleagues decided to “go out on their own” by creating a culture where employees would provide excellent patient care (and be taken care of). After searching the thesaurus for synonyms of loyalty, honesty, and integrity, the name Allegiant Hospice was chosen. We work hard to earn your trust and we honor your wishes to provide you with the best possible care.

Who is Allegiant Hospice?

Allegiant Hospice compassionately cares for individuals and their loved ones coping with end of life while preserving dignity and quality of life. We promote quality of life, at every stage of life, through patient & family care, education, and advocacy.
In addition to Medicare and State regulations, Allegiant Hospice has chosen to adopt standards set by the Joint Commission. We believe in providing quality care in a safe environment and remain accredited to honor that commitment.
Allegiant Hospice doesn’t answer to Wall Street or a private investor group. We are nurse-founded, nurse-owned, and are led by a team of Hospice Professionals with decades of hospice experience.
The majority of our staff are Veterans or come from a military family background. Everyone at Allegiant Hospice is specifically trained to meet the unique needs of Veterans and training is attended regularly through our VA/Hospice Partnership.

Our Pledge to Providers

Allegiant Hospice considers it an honor to provide care for your patient in their final days. We are committed to providing only the best possible care for each patient. In order to minimize stress and maximize the effectiveness of care, we promise to make working with Allegiant Hospice convenient for you and your team. We will adapt our processes to fit the needs of individual physicians/facilities; receiving orders, updates and information according to your preferences. Please contact us at any time with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Anyone, at any stage, is able to inquire about hospice services. We suggest as a first step to place a call to a local hospice and request more information. If you decide to contact us we will schedule a meeting with you and your family. A representative from Allegiant Hospice will review the services hospice offers and provide the necessary consent forms for care to begin, if deemed appropriate. With your permission, we can communicate with your physician to help determine if hospice is appropriate.

End-of-life care can be challenging to discuss so it is best for loved ones and family members to share their wishes before it becomes a concern. This can greatly reduce stress when the time for hospice becomes apparent. Educated decisions can be made that include the advice and input of loved ones.

What makes Allegiant Hospice different from other hospice providers?

Our Staff: We are experts at hospice care. Many of our staff members have over 10 years of experience in Hospice alone. Our founder has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has worked with many organizations throughout the country.  Due to our extensive experience, many of our staff members have worked together at different agencies in the past.

Nurse Owned & Operated: Clinicians offer a unique understanding of operating a healthcare organization. Allegiant Hospice was founded in Mesa, AZ and continues to be Nurse Owned and Operated. We don’t answer to Wall Street nor are we part of a home-office chain. Our smaller operational footprint allows us to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Our Relationships: Rather than focusing our resources on operating a freestanding unit, we choose to contract with a variety of units throughout the Valley, some with their own unique specialty. Our partner approach provides patients a more diverse range of care options and allows patients to remain closer to home in their final days. Each of our partner-units must be licensed, inspected, and meet our criteria before a patient is placed. We perform both initial and ongoing verification, as well as an onsite visit before a patient is placed in a facility for a higher level of hospice care.

Seeking Voluntary Accreditation: We are committed to all aspects of patient safety and have adopted national standards set by the Joint Commission and the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). Allegiant Hospice was awarded the Gold Seal of Approval® for exceeding Joint Commission standards.  Accreditation provides us a framework to help create a culture of excellence.

Veteran Commitment: Allegiant Hospice is a Level Three Partner in the We Honor Veterans Program developed by the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization and the Veterans Administration. We Honor Veterans is designed to empower hospice professionals to meet the unique needs of dying Veterans. The program teaches respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement – to comfort patients with a history of military service and possibly physical or psychological trauma. Many of our staff members are Veterans or come from a military background which allows us to better understand the challenges and unique needs.

Open Communication: Open communication between everyone involved in hospice is vital to providing excellent care. Upon Admission we will seek to understand what your preferences are, e.g. follow up with a Primary Care Doctor, explain test results or provide updates to out of town family members, or whatever your specific request maybe. We’re also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you have a question, concern, or other need outside of our regular office hours. We’re also aware that a quick response and constant attention to your needs makes dealing with us a welcoming experience.